Congratulations to our Adobe & Autodesk Certified Users

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CCI Creative Skills hosted the final Adobe ACA and Autodesk User exams of the year yesterday – congratulations to the following students who all achieved certification:

Nadezhda Andreeva      (Revit Architecture, Photoshop)

Lucy Clark      (Revit Architecture)

Isabel Clay      (Revit Architecture)

Kenzie Gray      (Photoshop)

Jane Lehtmets      (AutoCAD)

Guillermo Uria      (Premiere Pro)

Natasha Williams      (Photoshop)

Stephanie Wyant      (Revit Architecture)


Calling all Level 6 CCI students

Will you be in your final year or undertaking a Masters next term?  If so you too will be eligible to gain Adobe or Autodesk User certification.  Email us or drop in to Eldon 2.32 to find out how.

Congratulations to our newly-certified Autodesk and Adobe Users

It’s been a great day for CCi students taking the Adobe ACA and Autodesk ACU exams.  We’ve had 11 passes today.  Congratulations to all of the students below.

Marcus Pockney   (Illustrator)

Gilles Kurt   (Photoshop)

Michael Taylor   (Illustrator)

Israel Abam   (Revit Architecture)

Audu Akange   (Revit Architecture)

Samuel Akakpo   (Revit Architecture)

Efstathia Palyvou   (Revit Architecture, AutoCAD)

Jane Lehtmets   (Revit Architecture)

Osemudiamen Adeh   (Revit Architecture)

Patrick Muyembe   (Revit Architecture)

There are just two more weeks to take your exams before the Summer.  If you have achieved 80% in the GMetrix online practice tests, why not book your exam place here:

Adobe & Autodesk Exams – There’s still time…

Are you a Level 6 or above CCi student?  Have you signed up to the GMetrix online training for Adobe certification?

We will be running exams all year so make sure you book your place via our Eventbrite page or from the Workshop List at the bottom of this page.  Remember that you need to achieve 80% in the practice tests before you can take the final exam.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 14.10.34

Still don’t know what this is about?  Email us here or drop in to Eldon 0.92 for more details.


By popular demand – an extra date for Adobe and Autodesk exams

We’ve had a great response to sign up for the Adobe and Autodesk exams on Wednesday 6th April.  As a result we’re adding an extra date for exams – Tuesday 5th April.  You can book your place here.

Remember you must already be signed up for the GMetrix online training and have achieved 80% in the practice tests before booking your place for an exam.

Level 6 CCi student and interested in finding out more?  Come and see us in Eldon 2.32 or email us here.

Adobe & Autodesk Exams over Easter


In the last three weeks  CCi students across a range of courses have been successful in gaining their Adobe and Autodesk accreditation.

Open to all CCi students Level 6 and above, you can take exams in six Adobe programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Flash and Dreamweaver as well as Revit, AutoCAD, 3DS Max and Maya in the Autodesk suite.

Already signed up to the online training?  Achieved 80% in the practice tests – we’re running an extra exam over Easter which you can sign up to here.

Interested in getting the accreditation – drop in to 2.32 to sign up or email us for more details.


Adobe ACA Success!


We have our first three ACA passes of the year!  Congratulations to Marc Newington for achieving the ACA in Video Communication using Premiere Pro, Harry Lewis-Irlam for Visual Design using Photoshop and Jefferson Robinson for Print & Digital Media Design using InDesign.

Level 6 CCi student and interested in gaining an Adobe qualification?  Come and see us in Eldon 2.32 or sign up to our mailing list to keep tabs of upcoming exam news.

Spaces still available for Premiere Pro workshop this Wednesday


Spaces are still available for the Premiere Pro workshop this Wednesday at 3pm.  This workshop is open to all CCi students regardless of course and level.  Want to create slideshows?  Promos?  Event videos? Record a video presentation?  Secure your place here.

This workshop is also recommended for those students applying for the Adobe ACA in Premiere Pro.

Over 40 students have already signed up for the Adobe ACA


Over 40 students have already signed up for the Adobe Certified Associate programme.  

All Level 6 and above CCi Students can apply to become an Adobe Certified Associate in one or more Adobe software packages.  Currently on offer are:  Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash & Dreamweaver.  Once certified your status lasts for three years and you are entitled to use the digital logos on your CVs, portfolios, websites etc.

Think you might be interested?  Why not email us and we’ll book a time to get you started with the online training.