Saving time with InDesign

Using Photoshop to create a portfolio is both time consuming and memory hungry.

The same pdf generated from InDesign or Illustrator can be 25 times smaller and contain smooth vector graphics and text.

A pdf document contains ascii text, bitmap images and vector graphics, the best arrangement for small file size and good quality.

To learn how to use InDesign in 20 minutes come to room 2.32 Eldon South

A big welcome to all new students

A big welcome to CCi from the Creative Skills team.  It was great to meet some of you at our welcome event on Tuesday evening.  Remember if you would like to come and see us you can drop in to Room 2.32 Eldon South or email us on

Still need to complete your stamp card?  We’re on the 2nd Floor at the opposite end to the Blank Canvas Cafe – in fact we look a bit like this: